sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Under the moon sight

When the moon rises on the landscape
And the birds are quiet as stones
There´s no good or bad, no demons
There´s no place where to go on

You rise your sight
You close your mouth
You feel inside all you have done
The full moon fits in your heart
As a key fits in its hole

This big brilliant globe smiles you
And the birds restart their song
-don´t be scared son of the forest
Nobody cuts you from your own

You are still whatever you were before
Your world will be wherever you thought it was
But take a minute under the moon sight
Or are you shy about something? No?

There´s still time for a truth cup
With two fury spoons
Not more
When you´re nude on the grass
With no falses clothes
You are just what you are
Nothing less
Nothing more

Alfredo Gil Pérez 06/04/2013

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