martes, 10 de julio de 2012

The great philosopher red house

And then the house turned in red
It felt like a person, nothing more, nothing less
It talked about the garden of the house
hypothetically as house´s garden, yes
It talked about the tree of the house
candidly as house´s tree, what could we say?

not even a tea cup was a cup of tea
not even a wine glass was a glass of wine
Its, his or her windows stayed open all the day
and all the night as well
watching the streets as a TV
whispering the people “how do you do? Hey!”

What the hell?” Their answer was always the same
and then they told loud to the air
whispers, whispers, whispers. And what else?”

Time went by and the sweet red house was getting old
She, he or it had cats, nothing less, nothing more
brown cats, yellow cats and the orange ones. Oh my God,
As cats as years and no people in the hall!

he, she or it get sad and screamed to the world
Oh moon, oh stars, oh sun, oh my dear big blue globe!
Why a home become a ruin
when there are not humans to live in?
Why things get useless and twopenny ones
when no one knows what are they for?
Aren´t the concepts enough to do our spirit transactions?
Or may are we just a product from their imaginations?

And as sad as a dark summer day
as empty as a moon hole
the house was demolished and the cats asked for a home
Finding a comfortable one near a big green park,
they painted it in red with their tails and their paws
in honour of the great philosopher red house
Who takes them a nice roof as a person
and may some good conversation

Alfredo Gil Pérez 10/06/2012

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